Oh, Saturday!
by Dina Jordan

32 pages


Saturday is 7 year-old Honey's favorite day. But, this is a special Saturday because she's decided, "I'll do nothing the way I did it before. It all starts the moment my feet hit the floor."

Honey takes us on a bumpy ride through her adventurous day. She tries lots of new things, like eating cookies for breakfast, decorating her bike, and swinging upside down on a swing. After taking a cat nap she eats candy for lunch, gets a stomachache, climbs to the tippy top of a tree, gets stuck, and for her grand finale she falls off her bike trying to ride it while standing on the seat. All these feats are cheerfully performed while wearing fairy wings and a crown, "'Cause fairies can make all your dreams come true!"

After limping home and getting hugged and bandaged by her mom, she soaks in her bubble bath, thinks of her day, laughs and courageously acknowledges, "I made some mistakes but that's okay. I'll try something new next Saturday."

I wrote Oh, Saturday! with 3 to 7 year-olds in mind. I think they'll identify with Honey's experimental approach to life, and laugh along while learning from her zany mistakes.